Dissidence Coalition V1 Trailer

Date: 2016-12-24
vues: 2874
after 8 years of street jam, we've decided to come back to the Riding bases. In other words riding without the pressure of a contest, riding with mates. To summarize, here's what it's going to be like: 10 teams of 4 riders will have to film an edit of Paris between Monday 1st May and Saturday 6th May noon. The winner will win 4000 USD We've added rules to spice it up a bit: - 5 spots will be imposed : each team will ride freely throughout Paris but will have to ride compulsorily 5 spots that we'll choose. -The videos will be shown on Saturday 6 th April evening at Dissidence warehouse and will be judged by the riders ( 40 judges). The winner will win 4000 USD. You will be authorized to be part of the contest only if you've been invited. Welcome to Dissidence Coalition
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