Dissidence Family : Barcelona pre jam session

Date: 2024-05-24 | vues: 163
More than 20 riders met in Barcelona the week before the street jam to ride together.

Which resulted in this completely unique video bringing together old and new generations of riders from France, Spain, England, Czech Republic, Australia, Switzerland and the USA.

This our dissidence family !

Sanoussi, Didine, Pellaud, Dante Hutchinson, Calum Connor, Juzzy Carter, Trottyzer, Enzo Roger, Jack Walsh, Kai Martin, Caedan Magliano, Mia Catalano, Ivan Jiemenz, Eden Gagliano, Carlos Ravello, Hugo Strauss, Joel Ingolf, Richard Zelinka, Beck Dobranski, Alexandre Bailly etc...

Video filmed and edited by the very good Mexican, Rudy Garcia
Tags: Barcelona, jam
Catégorie: Dissidence Events

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