ETHIC DTC : Pandemonium V2

Date: 2023-12-03 | vues: 639
Here is the Pandemonium V2.
The lightest deck in the world, and the very first deck to stay under the Kilo.
Created and studied from every angle to achieve the ultimate in lightness, it arrives here 9 years after
the iconic Pandemonium V1, in a new format.
1 cm wider than the V1 (130 mm / 5.12 in), it is also, and above all, stronger than its predecessor.
Hundreds of hours of simulations were carried out to obtain the most effective geometry possible,
giving it 29% more resistance to the banana effect, as well as 40% more resistance on the neck.
now made from 6082 aluminium (slightly stronger than the usual 6061).
Now compatible with 120mm diameter wheels, it comes with a brand new fender for added lightness.
This deck also sees the arrival of the new torx male axles, which are stronger and more practical (only
one spanner is needed to tighten the deck).

3 lengths are available: 460 mm (18.1 in) / 500 mm (19.7 in) / 540 mm (21.3 in)
3 colours: Black / Raw / Chrome Blue
The box includes a ready-to-install pre-cut grips, an additional classic brake and a Torx 40 wrench.
There's just one thing you need to remember to ensure the longevity of your deck: tighten the rear axle
to the correct torque, and don't overtighten it (25Nm Max), otherwise you're going to affect its

Evolutions (compare to Pandemonium V1) :

- world lightest deck (24% lighter size/weight ratio : -320g)
- Wider (+10mm)
- Stronger (+29% on the extrusion / +40% on the neck)
- New 8 STD fender V2 included with 7075 screw
- New Torx n°40 axle
- Switch diameter allowing dual brake position (110 / 120 mm)
- Improved grip saver v2 (protecting griptape life time)

Compatible hardware :

- Pandemonium v2 axle
- Nylon Brake 8 STD V2 / Fender 8 STD V2
- 8 STD pegs (Alu or Steel)
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