Coalition V4 : Charles Padel, Jean Yves Randriambelson, Andrew Broussard, Hep Greg

Date: 2022-06-18
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Real OG for this last video of Coalition 2022 ! Charles Padel, maybe not a real OG but not a rookie anymore who ride for Envy/blunt for 10 years and now team manager of UrbanArt Jd, maybe the last real OG still riding as a pro, who rode for the biggest brands of the history. Andrew Broussard, the owner and creator of Proto scooter, the first core scooter brand in the history Hep greg, one of the first rider to have his own wheel pro model (and obviously the first one to think that 125mm was the futur!) Papy from Roots boy production, the filmer and edited of all Dissidence street jam, and the filmer and edited of the legendary video So what? Just legends here to show that scootering is not juts a period of life but an entire life style.
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