Coalition V4 : Issac Miller, Jacob Kloes, Thibaud Dequeker, Ugo Leonce, Antoine Baldisserri

Date: 2022-06-13
vues: 82
They end up at the 3rd place of Coalition V4. They were called the unlucky team : Day 1 : Ugo broke his ankle Day 2 : Thibaud get out for a couple of days Then Issac arrived late (Day 5 of the contest) and broke his foot after one day of riding. But Jacob did the work like no one could do it. Best rider of this Coalition, his riding linked with the filming of Baldou, and the motivation and power of the rest of his hunted team gave them the access of the Podium of Coalition. Congratulation guys !
Catégorie: Coalition V4 - 2022