WISE MIXTAPE - Reece Jones

Date: 2017-12-20
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The ender of this video is a self filmed clip, just so you know. Reece is the most talented vegan australian scooter rider and here's a quick demonstration of his ability to slay all sorts of spots: rollercoaster benches, kinked rail, steep wallrides... just get ready for an incredibly stylish and short part. This part was filmed in Brisbane and Melbourne. Unfortunately, the Melbourne trip got interrupted by a foot injury while filming on the infamous weird curvey bench in Dandenong. Song: Current Joy - I'm free Balthazar Neveu, Jordan Turner, Lawrence Rubi, Keedan Mitchell, Max Peters, Dan McCormack, Marshall Smith, Guy Perret, Taliesin
Tags: WISE, MIXTAPE, Reece, Jones
Catégorie: Wise Edits