WISE MIXTAPE - Balthazar Neveu

Date: 2017-11-24
vues: 216
Wise is a rider owned scooter brand so if you ever wondered who is the owner, here you go. If you already met Balthazar, you know how much he loves scootering, he’s the perfect example of the guy who still want to sesh when it’s dark and everybody is dreaming about beer. His passion for this little piece of metal is impressive and seems to increase, years after years ! Balthazar did a commitment by taking a 6 months break from his engineering job to ride scooters only and film this video part. This part has been filmed in Paris, Prague, Oslo, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Melbourne and Brisbane which results in a total mix of gnarly spots. Special thanks to Dissidence Scooter Shop. Filmed by: Martin André, Lucas Wisdorff, Nicolas Jacob, Rémi Bouchard, Regan Thompson, Jules Couderc, Rudy Garcia, Kévin Demay, Jean-Yves Randriambelson, Brandon 'Suavy' Ray , Reece Jones, Keedan Mitchell, Michael Mankong, Erick Ferreiro, Saki.
Catégorie: Wise Edits