Dissidence Coalition V2 Le team caché !

Date: 2018-06-17
vues: 202
Just real French OG in this team riding the contest for fun. Kevin Demay, the creator or Dissidence and Ethic, Lucas Wisdorff, rider in the first and original team of Dissidence 10 years ago, Franck Sarcy, the manager of the French scooter shop, Authentique, and Julien Perret, the boss of Raw bars. This year, they included some friend at their team : Delos, working for Dissidence Scooter Shop, Chicode, one of the most helpful guy in Authentique, and Cuv, Wise rider coming back from 2 years injury. Last tricks is one of the most crazy and unexpected tricks nevers seen ;) enjoy, and don't forget, scooter is fun
Catégorie: Coalition V2 - 2018